Magneto Electric Skateboard FAQ's

Common Magneto Electric Skateboard Questions and Answers.



Where do you ship to? How much is shipping and how long does it take?


 We ship to Europe, USA and Canada, please see our shipping info page or proceed to checkout to find out your exact costs and taxes:  Magneto Shipping

But you're looking at Next day UK delivery and a couple of days for the US and Europe.


I live in a rainy country will my Magneto Electric Skateboard be ok in the rain?

Answer: Yes, riding in light rain and surfaces that are a 'little' wet is fine, however riding through puddles and saturating the underside of the skateboard is not recommended and liquid damage will not be honoured in our warranty. 


Can I order spare parts or upgrade my electric Skateboard?

Answer: Yes you can order all spares from us cheaply and the parts are very easy to change! In terms of upgrading and modding your board, do so at your own risk. 


How easy is the Magneto to ride? 

Answer: Very easy! In just a few hours you will be carving and speeding around a few inches above the floor at speeds up to 20mph! However please ride safely, approaching busy traffic junctions at high speed and leaving it late to brake is stupid. 


Can I do tricks and jumps? 

Answer: The Magneto Electric Skateboard is a very durable piece of transportation equipment and it's great fun to ride at speed and carve, it will absorb bumps happily. However it is not designed for ramps and tricks. 


Can I use Magneto for my daily commute?

Answer: Laws are different, in different countries, you would have to find out, we accept no liability for dangerous riding in restricted areas with busy traffic and riding in traffic is not advised by us, therefore you do so at your own risk.


Do Magneto electric Skateboards suffer disconnection issues like other Electric Skateboards? 

Although you have a very low chance of this happening, any product controlled via bluetooth can suffer interference and disconnection issues. It is therefore advisable not to leave breaking to the last minute and always bear this mind. Of course again, this could be a lot more dangerous in traffic, so please use common sense whilst riding and wear protective clothing.


I heard you can't brake downhill on Electric Skateboards, is that true? 

Answer: Yes, due to the technology in most Electric Skateboards, you should not brake going downhill. Small declines are fine. If you like going downhill, no problem, just switch off the power and use it as a regular longboard.

The board won't suddenly stop working from going downhill but continually doing it over time will take it's toll and wear out the motor, so it's advisable that you try to keep your riding on flat surfaces.


I heard the remote is pretty delicate, is that true?

Answer: it's true the remote is the most fragile part, if you ride carefully with this in mind there should not be any problems, however if you do happen to launch the remote you can buy a new one cheaply from us! 


Why is it cheaper compared to other Electric skateboards?

Answer: It is our mission to bring High performance electric skateboarding to the everyday person, we hope to achieve this by keeping our overheads as low as possible. 


 You're a UK based company, how does the warranty work? 

Answer: Firstly we do have a low failure rate but if the un-expected does happen, it's good that you know how we operate, so have a quick read below. 

Due to the nature of the product, we offer a 90 day warranty with the Magneto, we would like to offer longer and in some cases if we feel it's completely genuine and nothing to do with rider abuse we will honour the warranty for up to 6 months. 

(of course you have a 14 day return/refund warranty, however the product must be returned to us in perfect unused condition in the original packaging, in some cases we will refund you for the shipping too, we will look at each case differently).

You probably noticed our product is it at an extremely competitive price point, one of the reasons we are able to do this, is due to the fact in an event of a warranty claim we send you all the necessary parts to the board to fit yourself 100% free of charge of course, very, very easy to fit the majority of components and they can be fitted mostly by the tool kit provided and an allum key set without any training or mechanical knowledge, however we offer full support. 

If you are a UK or Europe based customer you can just pay between £15-25 shipping and we will fit the parts for you and return the board, however it is far quicker and easier for us to send the parts to you to do the repair yourself. 

For USA based customers, it would not be cost effective for you to send us the board to repair, so in all events we will send you all and any defective components necessary to get you back on the road! We have a low failure rate, but its a mechanical item and in order to keep the Magneto running for the long haul, its advisable you have the ability to fit parts. We'll provide you with any technical support needed.