How to Ride an Electric Longboard

Electric Longboard Riding Tips



Stance is something that is down to the individual rider, however the easiest way to ride a Magneto Electric Skateboard for most; Have your leading foot towards the end (opposite end to motor) facing slightly outwards and sitting on the narrow part of the board. Have your back foot square to your hips. Now shuffle your feet so their around shoulder width apart.


General riding

The best way to ride is in a relaxed position, bend your knees slightly and just try not to think too much, the more you think the more you will tense up and lose confidence, the Japanese/Samurai call this Satori, a ‘state of no mind’. Use the acceleration steadily and allow plenty of room to break. Don’t pull up to a traffic junction at full speed or decide to break 3 metres away from an impending brick wall.




This is the bit most riders have the biggest problem getting used to riding a Magneto Electric Skateboard, like a car the Magneto Electric skateboard brake's do take a little time to wear in and reach their full potential. After riding the Magneto for a while braking will become intuitive and you won’t think about it, however when you first start to ride, you will find your body tensing up when you brake. This is the worst thing to do! Just lean back slightly and gingerly press the brake and braking won’t be a problem. However, like anything, Practice makes perfect!




An average 75KG person should be able to reach 20MPH on their magneto boards. it takes some getting used to, to get to top speed as being so close to the ground feels really FAST! The trick is to gradually accelerate. However after some time and practice you'll be able to just crank it full throttle. We do recommend appropriate safe gear. 

FYI, Muscle memory is an amazing thing, you won’t even know it, but your muscles will be adjusting and learning to cope with the ride. Its a bit like playing a new computer game. Most people start off terrible but your muscle memory soon learns the dynamic’s of the game and you are able to control the character better.



Riding in very wet weather and poor conditions: The Magneto electric skateboard is a durable, versatile piece of kit we have been out in dreadful conditions. However, It is not fully waterproof, it's splash resistant. Which means a little bit of rain, maybe even a storm, you will be fine but trying to ride through a lake won't do you any favours! Got it? It’s common sense really, look after your Magneto board and it will look after you!



Carving on the Magneto is SICK, its so responsive and intuitive. Just look to where you want to go and you will naturally steer the Electric Skateboard without any effort. Find out more