Electric Longboard made for the people

Presenting the Magneto Electric Longboard.

It's our mission to bring a high performance electric skateboard to everyone. 

Presenting the Magneto Electric Skateboard: The first all-round high perfomance Electric Skateboard, built for the people. 

Check out our recent review by the renowned Examiner.com

Electric skateboarding is Fun and Practicality on tap! It solves the problem of those journeys that are too short to take a Taxi/Cab but too long to walk, it solves those in-between commuting journey's, the ones  where you walk to the bus stop, then after the bus journey there would be a 1 mile walk to your friends house/destination...... Not anymore. Hop on the Magneto and glide to where you are going. 

The Magneto weighs around 6KG so you can bring it on the train, bus or even a plane! 

Sometimes.. you just feel like riding for the hell of it: The Magneto is super fun. Daily Tekk: "it carves like butchers knife".

Nothing beats the feeling of instant fun on tap, you can just open your front door and leave all the stresses of life behind you, cruising on the open road with the wind in your hair, believe us, there is nothing quite like travelling near speeds of 20 mph just 4 inches from the floor. 




  • Speed: The Magneto brushless 1200w motor delivers smooth acceleration and delivers speeds up to 20MPH/30KPH, depending on surface, weight and gradient. 
  • Hill gradience test: The Magneto glides up hills of up to 20 degrees in gradience.
  • Range: 25KM The Magneto provides double the range of some electric skateboards on the market, therefore you can ride it without worrying about it dining on you!
  • Weight: The Magneto weighs just over 6KG, making it one of the lightest electric skateboard available. 
  • Braking: Features powerful regenerative braking, braking charges the battery. 
  • Charging: The Magneto feature an 8AH Lithium battery, which take 2-3 hours approx to fully charge.
  • Magneto Materials: The Magneto is made from premium materials such as Canadian Maple, Carbon steel, Aluminium and High PU plastic for the wheels. 



  Check out our recent review by the renowned Examiner

Hope you like the Magneto as much as we do. Any questions, just send us a message through the online chat or contact page