Magneto Electric Skateboard Disclaimer

Magneto Electric Skateboard Disclaimer

 We will not be held responsible for any harm, injury or damage caused by Magneto use by yourself or others. 

Riding in traffic, not abiding laws, riding on public streets and roads is not advised and you do so at your own risk of breaking laws and injury to yourself and/or others.

Please ride safely and responsibly using appropriate safety gear (wrist, elbow, knee and helmet as a min) and ride in good clear, dry weather conditions.

Please do not at ride speeds in which you cannot control without an operating brake. Always have an ability to stop outside of the magneto electric skateboard braking system. This can include foot-braking. 

By purchasing from our store you accept full liability of injury or death of yourself or others whilst using our product. 

This product is made for adults, all riders should be over 18. 

You also confirm you have read:

Once you purchase the Magneto electric skateboard TOS apply's.