5 Reasons to own an Electric Skateboard

Why you should own an Electric Skateboard 

  1. It’s a mode of transport that purely focuses on effortless commuting.  

Electric longboarding is extremely versatile because it lessens the effort of the most versatile commuting vehicle in the world: the longboard. It’s small, it can roll on sidewalks, roads, gravel, mountain paths, it can be carried inside cafes, you can take it to your locker at school, you can even sleep on it. Questionably. It’s better than a bike since you can totally stow it anywhere, unlike a bike which needs a bike lock and various precautions to make sure it doesn’t get stolen. With a longboard, you can just keep it in front of you the whole time.

  1. It’s good for the environment!

The Electric Skateboard and electric modes of transportation are really getting up there in terms of ways to get around in a progressive world like ours. Electric longboards have zero emissions and they can actually travel a pretty long time- The Magneto around 25KM, so they can actually replace your car and help you save money on gas. I have friends who have saved hundreds of dollars just because they picked up longboarding for commuting.

  1. It’s convenient.

Longboarding in general is an incredibly convenient way of getting around. They can be big or small, and many are very compact. This means that you can carry it into cafes and into workplaces. Unlike bikes, you don’t really have to tie it up after with a lock, since you can just lean it against a wall somewhere, plug it in, and forget about it for the rest of your day!

  1. It’s stylish.

Electric longboarding is a fashion statement. It’s a symbol of progressive technology and energy-use habits, and you are leading the movement to go emissions-free. When people see something as stylish as an electric longboard, they are inclined to buy one, increasing the number of people who travel free of emissions.

  1. it's fun! 

What other activity can possibly include standing on a fast-moving plank of wood and going around to see the city? It’s an incredibly easy way to see the city that you live in. Since an electric longboard is so compact and easy to pick up, throw down and ride around, you can pretty realistically fit into any alleyway, any boardwalk and over the pedestrian part of any road bridge. I know that I have pushed around my city, a total of a few miles and I’ve gotten to know the architecture of my city a million times over. If you’re a photographer, it’s an extremely good way to see thousands of angles in one day, where many times you would have to walk around and just cover one area over the course of a day.

As always, wear a helmet and safety gear on your electric Skateboard Although, once you get good and you can stay on your board,  Enjoy yourself, get yourself a Magneto Electric Longboard today!

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Written by Ryan L, Longboarder.


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