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About us

We’re proud to announce that we sell a high performance electric skateboard that is made truly with it’s intended user’s in mind.

Hi, my names Lee. Me and my brother Jason, founded Magneto. We both come from an engineering  background and we’re both passionate about Longboarding and the portable transportation space and I personally believe that Magneto will turn portable transportation on its head, if not with our electric longboards then with our traditional Magneto Longboards.

We’re based in London and all of our stock is sold from the UK, including spares.

We pride ourselves on delivering a premium experience from purchase to aftercare.

Our whole business model is based around keeping the service high and providing our customers with  electric skateboards that are made from premium materials like Canadian maple, Aluminium and a high powered lithium battery.

When you purchase a Magneto electric Skateboard, you know its made with absolute pride using high quality materials and great build quality. When you take your first ride, you will experience for yourself, what our customers are shouting about. 20MPH just a few inches from the floor is a truly exhilarating experience.

Today, Magneto Electric Skateboards is becoming a recognised as one of the top tier electric skateboards with distribution and support centres now servicing Europe and USA coming soon.

The Magneto brand is all about ‘quality, performance and at a price point the majority can afford’.

It is our mission to sell the very highest performance electric skateboard possible and to be able to deliver to an audience that will really benefit from our product and providing them with a service that is second to none.

All of our products are fully guaranteed and we offer a full aftercare service EVEN if the product is out of warranty we’ll provide advice and support.

WE hope you love what we stand for and our business is built on the support of our customers, so please like or share our product.



Managing director of Magneto.