Cutting Edge Technology.

Cutting Edge Technology.

With a Dual Hub Motor system the Magneto is powerful and impressive. You can feel Torque & Power of the Dual Drive System under your feet. Of course with power, braking is important, that's why we've made sure the braking is stable, sharp and reliable. App coming soon to Playstore and OS.

Thinking laterally.

Thinking laterally.

At Magneto we're aware of the importance of battery life to a serious commuter or just a leisure customer, that's why the battery can be swapped in seconds, for a fresh full battery. Extending your range, so you go where you want.


Pushing the limits.

  • Swappable Samsung battery

    The Lithium battery can be swapped in seconds, So you NEVER run out of miles on your Magneto Electric Skateboard

  • Powerful Dual Hub Motor, 20MPH

    The Magneto features a high quality and high power dual hub drive system that offers insane acceleration, torque propelling the board up inclines as steep as 25% & is limited to 20MPH. The Magneto also has a reverse function.

  • Weighing 7KG

    With all this Technology you would think the Magneto would weigh a ton. It actually only weighs 7KG. Only a few Kilos more than a regualar Longboard.

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Is the Magneto Waterproof?

This product should not be ridden in wet weather, or on wet surfaces. Who likes skating in the rain anyway? (water damage is excluded in our warranty).

How Fast is the Magneto in the Real World?

The Magneto is FAST most rider's report speeds of around 20 MPH

Can I bring this product on an aeroplane?

Sadly most lithium products now are banned by airlines, we reccomend you contact the airline in advance and check the product in. It may be cheaper to just deliver the product where you are going.

What Range can I expect in the Real World?

On an average full charge the Magneto should reach a 10-15 mile distance, although rider weight & surface make a big difference.

What Is the warranty / service procedure?

We currently have an office in Germany taking care of repairs, we may send parts directly to customers in many cases also. Please read TOS for more. The Magneto has a 6 month conditional warranty.

How Long does it take to Charge the Magneto?

Around 2-3 hours

Can I push the Magneto like a Normal Skateboard?

Yes you can absolutely.

How loud is it?

There is no cooling fan needed, so virtually NINJA silent.

Do you have a shop?

No but we are based in London.

Do you have an APP?

We're currently in the process of designing an APP so you'll be able to compare your stats to other Skaters, see their journeys and even reach out to them and arrange a skate!

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