Impressive Spec: 30KPH, 25KM range.

Impressive Spec: 30KPH, 25KM range.

The Magneto glides up hills and is capable of a hill grade of 15%. The Magneto's 1200W motor provides immense power and torque propelling the Magneto to 30KPH, whilst the battery is slim and sleek it returns a stunning 25KM.

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Efficient. Smart. Light 6KG.

Efficient. Smart. Light 6KG.

The Magneto features regen braking - meaning braking charges the board. It also features a super powerful 8AH lithium battery. The wheel fomulae and deck are crafted especially for electric skateboard riding.

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  • Bluetooth remote

    The Magneto includes a 2.4GHZ bluetooth remote

  • 1200W Brushless Motor

    The Magneto Features a powerful 1200W brushless motor which delivers 30KPH

  • Lithium battery

    The Magneto features a slim 8AH battery which returns 25KM

  • Up-rated trucks

    The Magneto Features new, awesome upgraded Aluminium gravity casting ABEC 9, sturdy trucks built for speed and durability.

  • Simple to repair and maintain

    The Magneto is an easy board to repair and keep on the road, with easily obtainable parts and simple fitting.

  • 100% Canadian maple deck

    The Magneto deck is very special, it's perfectly concaved for electric skateboard riding.

  • electric skateboard
  • electric skateboard


Is the Magneto Waterproof?

The Magneto has a certain amount of resilience to water and mud, however it is not 100% waterproof and it is best to keep the Magneto dry if possible.

How fast is the Magneto in the real world?

Most rider's report a top speed of 18.5-20.0 mph but top speed will depend on surface and rider weight.

Do you guys have a shop I can visit?

At this moment in time, we aim to keep our overheads as low as possible. Meaning no shop premise. However all boards are shipped from the UK and USA.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

If the Magneto is faulty within warranty we ask for as much detail as possible, we then send you the part Free and offer full technical advice. If the Magneto goes faulty outside of warranty we help as before, but you will need to pay for the part & shipping


We ship more or less world-wide. Sadly shipping lithium products can be expensive and we do our best to ship as ethically and cost effectively as possible.

How safe is the Magneto?

All Longboarding/Skateboarding can be dangerous. The Magneto is an electrically propelled skateboard and all possible safety precautions should be taken and common sense used at all times. Please see our safety page for more.

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One of the best all round electric skateboards on the market

One of the best All round high performing electric Longboards on the Market today.

The Magneto Electric Skateboard is a high performing, durable electric Longboard. Made with a Longboard deck perfectly crafted for motorised skateboard riding. We're sure the Magneto will give you the ride of your life. 



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